Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Unemployed Life: Day 1

Today is my first *official* day of being unemployed! Technically my last day of full time employment was Christmas Eve, but EVERYONE has been off over the holidays, and MOST people are back at work today.

Not me though.

I am unemployed because in one weeks time I'll be on a flight to Dubai and then a flight to Nairobi and then a flight to Mombasa. Where I'll probably instantly melt in the evening heat.

Here's how I spent my first day of proper unemployment:

10am rise - early morning for me, wake up, stretch

Cup of tea in bed and read a few chapters of current book 'Cloudstreet' it's from a charity shop, I'm not into it yet but I'm persevering, thanks for asking.

Breakfast - porridge, attempt at low fat diet after Christmas diet of cheese, meat, chocolate and cheesecake.

Shower - shampoo AND conditioner, what's the hurry? I even used some body scrub such is my lack of haste.

Watched 'A Little Princess' with Josh (he's got a week off work) and even while I went upstairs and got ready he stayed and watched it, he LOVED it.

Headed out to get some travel vaccinations. Standard. Menningitis seeing as you asked. Next week I'll treat myself to some Malaria tablets! What a treat!

The boy and I then went and had a lunch together, on a weekday!

More shopping, came home, watched Keeping up with the Kardashians. They went shopping and fought about something in case you missed that episode. All Kaught Up.

The lovely Honor came round in her gym kit which is always a treat. Hi Honor!

I purchased some train tickets and also called my Nan.

You can get so much done if you don't have a job, you should look in to it. Unemployment rocks. Fully appreciate that I will need an income fairly soon.

But for now... yaaaaaaaaawn... time for bed. How was work today by the way?


In conclusion: Being unemployed gives you a certain level of smugness and means you can catch up on lots of trashy TV. Win.

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