About Katie Twenty Something...

Hello, I'm Katie.

I left my Marketing job in the travel industry in January 2013 and headed off for a career break in Mombasa, Kenya. When I'm not in Kenya, I'm a freelance copywriter in Leeds with a huge passion for social media, Marketing and writing in general. I'm learning to juggle being married to The Boy with keeping my passion for travel alive. I am obsessed with travel, cats and accessories (especially ones with miniature items on them). I've called this blog Katie Twenty Something because I frequently forget my age...whoops.

Hello! I'm Katie.
The three words I seem to say the most are 'life's too short' and it's my philosophy for everything in life. After all, we just get the one life to play with, why are so many people wasting it?

I've been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places so far which have taken my out of my comfort zone and shown me a different way of living and exploring. One where life is too short not to try everything once, life is too short to think negatively around everything and listen to other people who might not know best.

Not listening to people is one of my favourite hobbies. I'm good at that.

A little bit about me will follow.

I love laughing, I like going on road trips with my feet up on the dashboard and singing along to loud music, I love red wine, I like pubs and pub quizzes, I love winning pub quizzes, I love being married but not being smug about it, I love Sunday roasts, I love cats, I like the seaside, I love pretty accessories, especially if they have something miniature on them like a teacup or a telephone, I love wedding related things, I like going to the Yorkshire Dales, I love my family, I love Facebook, I love making people laugh, I love windy autumnal days, I like being at home of an evening with my husband, but I also love being tipsy out on the town, I love most varieties of cake, I love Leeds and I love living somewhere urban and rural at the same time.

Where have I been so far?

Close to home:


A little further away:

Tenerife (does that count?)

Quite far away:

Tanzania & Zanzibar

Really, really far away:

Dominican Republic
Honduras (and I went there all by myself!)

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