Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Retail therapy: Kenya style!

Yesterday I was feeling very sad because my beautiful cat was put to sleep (stand by for a tribute post)...

I felt very far away from home and my friends who had met Catty and knew how special he was. To everyone here he is just a cat (which I do realise he IS, but you know what I meannnnnn).

There was only one thing for it - It was time for retail therapy: Kenyan style.

I've been clothes shopping in a few different places in Mombasa so far, in shops and markets mostly and I've enjoyed both experiences.

Yesterday it was time for something new :)

We left the apartment in the pouring rain wearing flip flops. Oh yes, it's rainy season in Mombasa right now. We took the matatu to Kongowea market and jumped off straight into a mud bath. Fun!

This market is full of wooden tables with piles and piles of second hand clothes piled on top. You just sort through them all like you would at a jumble sale. Basically all the clothes you throw in to charity clothes bins in England are sorted and sent over here in bundles. Stall holders buy bundles and tip them on to the tables for people to come along and sort through and buy. So there's a chance I might have bought something of yours you once donated yesterday!


Even more fun are the prices. Tops are 20 Shillings. 20 Shillings is around 14p, the most expensive thing i bought yesterday was a beautiful dress for 100 Shillings; I really pushed the boat out for that one :)

I spent 1,000 Shillings in total and got four dresses and four tops. 1,000 Shillings is around £8. Woopah!

I am HOOKED. I'm going home with a suitcase full of new (old) clothes! And I'm helping the Kenyan economy! Feel good factor: 10!

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