Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Things I'm (kind of) missing from England

Oh England, I really am TRYING to look forward to seeing you again...

In the spirit of trying to look forward to going HOME, here are a few things I (begrudgingly) miss:

* The Boy (obvs)

* Baths

* Bacon sandwich on real granary bread with real ketchup, not gloopy luminous saucefakers

* Feeling anything other than filthy hot in bed (not in a good way)

* Not sweating on my upper lip

* Kit Kat Chunkys (I hear there are four new flavours, interesting - which is the best?)

* Driving (I love the matatus here but I guess I miss just jumping in a car)


I'd trade it all in for:

* Sun

* Friendly people

* Fun

* Variety

* Stunning beaches (I said beaches, not bitches)

Thus undoing all the hard work above and rendering this whole blog obselete and a complete waste of my time left in Kenya - thanks everyone!

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