Saturday, 16 March 2013

Watching the sun set in Kenya...

... Is one of my favourite things to do - you know why? Because it's free! Plus, it's reliable, you know it's kinda going to happen every day but each day it's different and special in it's own way.

*What the hell am I on about?*

I was sat in my apartment tonight and suddenly the sky turned into this beauty:

Sunset in Mombasa, Africa
Reminds me of when we used to do marble painting back in school...

Anyway, just thought I'd share these pictures, hope you like them!

My apartment

I was talking with someone on Skype earlier today (side note: how amazing is Skype? I know, right?) and they mentioned that because it was always dark out when I Skyped (damn 3 hour time difference) they had no idea where I lived or what my apartment was like.

Let me tell you, I love my little apartment here. It's my little space and it's all mine (or at least it was before it was INVADED by boys a few weeks ago from England). It's in a great neighbourhood and every morning I wake up to the following:



* Children running for the school bus

* Reggae Afro beats pumping from who-knows-where-but-turn-it-down-already-oh-wait-is-that-Sean-Paul-turn-it-up-yeah

* SUN BRIGHT SUN BALL OF GAS SUN IT BURNS. I forget I wear an eye mask most nights for this very reason. My poor corneas.

* Sweat. We'll say no more.

Anyway, here's my apartment in photos. Please don't rob it and please don't make me leave here in ten days time...

Introducing... Stevo-o the stove-o. I'm managing to not burn down the whole building - score!

My office at Beer O'Clock

Urgh. *Another* sunny day out my window

Dear burglars... Err I don't live here, I live next door yeah? 
So, this is my stop. I've never lived anywhere by myself alone before so it's funny but I definitely prefer being married and snuggling up on the sofa (although it's TOO HOT for snuggling here) so I'm sticking with the married thing :) Sorry Josh! I'm sticking with you!