Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Warning: Post-travel blues setting in...

I think I've been doing pretty well since I got home from you-know-where.

Most days I've got dressed, even if by getting dressed I mean I climb out of pajamaz and into some kind of animal onesie.

On a good day I usually only keep up with the Kardashians once.

I joined the library and took out 8 books. AT THE SAME TIME.

I got the one and only job I applied for. I start next Wednesday - thank you very much *takes a bow*

I haven't shouted at children in the supermarket and screamed 'Don't you know how much you have? Why aren't you grateful for what you have?? Don't you know there are children in Kenya with NOTHING?'

So, yeah, it's been pretty good so far being back home.

Is this home? I hope so! Bamburi beach, Mombasa

Until today.

Today it feels as though a giant grey cloud is over my head? You want to know why? Because there IS a giant grey cloud in the sky over my house that has not moved ALL DAY.

I'm so tired I can barely move and the worse thing of all is that I have... a sniffle.

I know.

If it weren't for the fact that I needed to go out today to print something, I would not have gotten dressed today. The news is depressing me, the weather is depressing me, the TV commercials are depressing me.

I feel blue.

Oh yes a blue sky in Bamburi, Mombasa
I'll snap out of it tomorrow, I have lots of things to be positive about but it's good to be down in the dumps every so often as it reminds you how far up you can go from there! (See? Positive thinking already!).

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