Friday, 21 June 2013

Mum & Dad

I forgot to say, last Sunday was Fathers Day but it was also my Mum's Birthday.

I thought that was pretty weird. If I was any good at maths, I could figure out the probability of that happening.

But I'm not.

Happy Parents Day Of Some Sort!



Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hanging out with Hilary Devey...

Oh it's just been another *regular* week of hobnobbing with the celeb world, I tell you. I've been to London on a day conference, and happened to meet HILARY DEVEY, from TV's Dragons Den fame and got a free copy of her 'Bold as Brass' book signed. Lovely lady and very inspirational.

Me and my new Bezzie mate Hilary. I'll wait for your call, Hilary!

'To Katie' That's me!
She had one of those 'hang on a a minute, I've had an idea and I can't believe no one else is doing it already' moments. Unlike many other people who might think 'oh this idea is SO obvious that there MUST be a reason that no one is doing it already' Hilary actually looked into it and built her haulage business from nothing. She wasn't born into a rich family, she didn't have a wealthy husband, she was a single mother with a nerve of steel and a vision.

It was pretty inspiring to meet her. Thank you London.

In other news, I always love going down to London, but I sure love leaving it again to come back to beautiful Yorkshire. I find London so stressful, I know my way around (roughly) but it's the tourists that drive me MAD. Yes, I understand that London NEEDS tourist to get by, but do they HAVE to spend so long at the top of the escalators wrestling with their suitcase handles? Do they not realise that by stopping suddenly at the top it causes the rest of us behind them to topple backwards like dominoes?

And why do the ticket barriers come as such a surprise to people? No, you're right, standing in front of the barrier is the perfect place to hunt for your ticket... I'll wait for you to figure it out because I have loads of time.

Plus, I was publicly humiliated because my new weekend bag got STUCK IN THE TICKET BARRIERS WAAAAAAAAAA and the ticket man was really slow to help me so everyone hated me in the queue behind and I just wanted to turn around and shout 'I'm here on business! I'm one of you but one that lives in the North!'

Anyway, a good time had by all (all of me anyway) and a swift gin-and-tonic-in-a-can sorted everything out on the way home. Thank you Gin.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A beautiful mess-y fringe

I've got two new exciting things in my life; a fringe and the A Beautiful Mess app on my iPhone. Both are a lot of fun.

I love making doodle photos on the train to work in the morning; I like to think other people might think I'm doing something really serious on my phone (answering a super serious email, doing my tax returns etc.) when I'm actually just doodling away on photos.

P.S. I haven't had a haircut in almost 7 months on account of LIVING IN KENYA. When I was done at the salon I was like 'It looks really different' and the hairdresser said 'No, it just looks healthy' No tip.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Compost and teacups...

Look at my little garden! I've got flowers! I've got a palm tree! I'm growing blackberries, strawberries, courgettes and chillis! I've even got little teacups on sticks and a solar powered hedgehog!

I've got a new obsession. I'm in the garden as much as possible while the sun is out. My neighbours are getting worried because I was still out there at 9.15pm tonight.

Still, I guess there are worse hobbies, right?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

How To Make Lemon Curd Biscuits

Ahhhh biscuits. Such a naughty treat.

I had some time on my hands on Sunday afternoon and I was home alone with ingredients. So I decided to make biscuits.

Lemon curd biscuits.

Do you know, I really struggle with lemon curd, I never know what to have it with, so I usually end up eating it from a teaspoon straight from the jar. How uncouth.

So, if you've never made biscuits before, here's an easy biscuit recipe to get you started.

You'll need:

An oven, preheated to around 190 degrees
150g plain flour
110g butter - unsalted or whatever you've got
55g caster sugar
A tiny bit of water
Lemon curd - don't be silly, shop bought is just fine

You'll do:

Mix the dry ingredients together - flour and sugar. Sieve the flout if you can be arsed, I didn't

Add in the butter - ah ah ah put the wooden spoon down, get your hands in that bowl and mix it all together

Sprinkle some flour over the worktop or chopping board

Roll out the dough to a thin consistency, around 5mm - 1cm is fine. I didn't have a rolling pin so I used a tin foil tube, What?!

Use a cutter, or an egg cup to cut into shapes

Press your thumb into the middle of the biscuit before going in the oven to create a dip

Bake in the oven for around 12 minutes. Turn tray halfway and remove as they start to go brown

Spoon a little lemon curd into the dip created by your thumb

Pop back in the oven for a few minutes

Leave to cool before sampling as the lemon curd will scald your tongue (ahem, not spoken from experience...)


Now, I admit, I didn't take a photo but they are DELICIOUS! Ok ok if you insist, I'll make some more and take photos. Just for YOU of course!

Welcome to the biscuit club!