Friday, 6 April 2012

Reasons I Know I'm Growing Up

Yep, it turns out I'm not getting any younger, depsite my best efforts and downloading Miley Cyrus songs - what?! They were for my niece... hoe down throw down y'all.

I do remember the day after I graduated from Uni. saying the words 'bloody students!' despite moving away from my student status the previous day! Almost five years later, I'm a world away from the person I was back at university... kind of. Sometimes. Not at weekends.

But I know I'm getting older when the following things annoy me/concern me/wear me out!

• Girls who wear leggings that are so see through, I can see the laundry label on their pants underneath - where is your shame ladies??!

• I quite like fruit cake now.

• I don't text as much anymore. I genuinely can't be bothered to make my fingers find the right buttons. Thank the LORD for auto correct.

• Food isn't a necessity anymore, it's something to enjoy! It is no longer acceptable to buy 'chicken in a can in a white sauce' although I'm not sure it ever was acceptable?

• I'm spending more than £5 on shoes. And they're usually flat.

• I can't remember the last time I watched the Hollyoaks omnibus

• I like blue cheese, mushrooms and red wine now. My tastes are maturing even if my general outlook on life isn’t!

• I’m finding dubstep is just a load of noise!

I'm still ridiculously immature at times. Who cares? <sticks tongue out>

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