Sunday, 19 May 2013

String Art - A great wedding present!

Oh hiya,

I've been wanting to post these photos for a while, but I made this as a present for our friend's wedding, so I had to wait until I'd given it to them in case they read this and saw it before and it ruined the surprise!

Basically, two of my friends, Matt and Lucy got married yesterday and the reception was in the grounds of their own home (they've got a nice place, lots of land). In order to make room for the marquee, they hired a tree surgeon to remove a tree.

The problem was that they removed the WRONG TREE and managed to chop down a beautiful weeping willow as well as the tree they wanted removed.

Ooops. They won't be getting a recommendation...

Anyway, they were gutted as it was a really old tree and a huge part of their garden, but they had pieces of the willow tree chopped up and ready to burn, and I had the idea of making a string art project for them using a piece of their tree, so it could live on in their home.

Plus I'm broke at the moment and thought a hand made present might be a nice inexpensive touch! :)

It was super quick and easy, my little niece and I had lots of fun making it. 

Firstly, we got some nails, in hindsight I would have preferred smaller nails as it was quite nail-heavy overall on the smaller hearts, but they were all I had. We had pencil drawn a heart shape and hammered nails into the general heart shape.

The hardest part was tying a knot in the thread to start it and finish the heart. It all has to look neat and I'm quite clumsy with thread anyway.

Next is the fun part and you just weave around the entire heart and push the thread to the bottom of the shape and then just start randomly weaving round each nail randomly in a criss-cross fashion until you're happy with the result.

Finally, thread all around the heart again at the top of the nail to create a 3D effect and tie the thread in as much of a knot as you can to finish.

Et voila! One quick and easy heartfelt tree stump string art!

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