Tuesday, 5 February 2013

An Interesting 24 Hours in Kenya...

There's no point in planning anything in Kenya. Kenya grabs any plans you might have, throws them out the window and says 'HA! That's what you THINK you're doing!' then runs away with them into the sunset.

In the last 24 hours I have:

* Gone to the airport to collect a new arrival who we took straight for a few beers. A few beers turned into talking with the owner of the bar who offered me a job and treated us to a kilogram of beef, ugali and four tusker beers. At one point there were three unopened bottles in front of me at which point I had to tell him to stop buying us beers - not something I enjoy saying.

* I took a motorbike taxi to a beach hotel and sunbathed and typed blogs to earn some cash. I had planned to stay at home and work to save some cash but Mombasa decided to have a powercut so I figured it would be cooler to sit on the beach and work than sit in my apartment when the fans aren't working. Smart move.

My new office :)
* I took a motorbike taxi to the beach which cost me a cool 100 shillings = 80p. This is a sign that I am becoming Kenyan that i didn't want to pay for a motorbike so instead I walked for 20 minutes in the sun, paid 10 shillings for a matatu, then had another 20 minute walk and a 30 shilling matatu again. I saved 60 shillings, you work it out.

* I was skyping with my Dad earlier and a waiter comes over to see why I am talking to my laptop. He then proceeds to stand and watch me for five full minutes while my Dad keeps saying 'Katie, he's still behind you'. I guess I'm getting used to this behaviour, like when a lady came and sat on my lap on the matatu bus the other day.

* I had a full conversation with a Masai tribesman today, I'm still not exactly sure what I said but it seemed to make sense to him and we both parted ways.

* I had an invitation to live with a man in Burundi today. I don't even know where Burundi is other than it's not in Kenya. I'm not going.

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