Thursday, 3 January 2013

Unemployed Life: Day 2

It helps massively that the boy is also off work right now (he's on annual leave, I'm the crazy one who quit her job to go and travel in Kenya for a while, but I don't fly until next week) or else I'd easily rise at noon and eat sandwiches then watch reruns of Come Dine with Me and Man vs Food allllllll day...

Today we decided to seize the day and get up at 6.30am and drive to Whitby.

Let me tell you, getting up at 6.30am when you're used to rising at 10am is painful, feel bad for me.

But anyway! The mission: drive to Whitby, drink tea in a cafe, then attempt to walk to Robin Hoods Bay from Whitby... it's 6 miles.

On a clear day, it's supposed to be a beautiful walk!

But it was not a beautiful day. It has rained A LOT recently and there are no fences to stop you slipping in the mud straight off the steep cliffs into what I think is the North Sea but I'm not sure (look it up).

Therefore, the walk took four hours and I don't think I've said so many swear words and cursed so many different things/people in that space of time before. I can safely say I had my eye trained on the path for 90% of the time, so I couldn't tell you what the view was like. It felt more like an endurance test than a nice afternoon walk. At one point I was clinging on to a thorn bush panicking trying not to slip down the muddy path into the sea, when we WERE OVERTAKEN BY AN OLD COUPLE. Where's the justice? I need new boots. And some of those walking poles.

The only positive we were clinging on to was that it wasn't raining.


*Cue rain*

On arrival, we stomped around a wet and cold Robin Hoods Bay, neither of us really caring at this point what it looked like and only just on speaking terms together. However, once we were in a comfy chair in front of an open fire in a pub with a glass of red wine (me) and beer (him) things looked a little better. And actually Robin Hoods Bay is well worth a visit, it's so cute!

Then we got the bus back to Whitby where we were RIPPED OFF (£3.80 per person for a single) But we decided to pick our battles, find our car and drive back to Leeds where it's all nice and not muddy and the buses are not as expensive but are still expensive.

Roll on Kenya next week baby! This time next week I'll be sweating bullets with an ice cold Tusker in my paw.

In conclusion: Mud is bad and dangerous and also looks a lot like chocolate when you're delirious with hunger and panic. Do NOT eat the mud. Also, buy walking poles, it doesn't matter how old you are.

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