Wednesday, 9 January 2013

So I'm flying to Kenya today...

I'm a little nervous, I'm not going to lie.

A few months ago on a cold and rainy Monday evening, the boy came to collect me from work and had sat in traffic for over an hour by the time he got to me *cue bad mood*

*Cue flashback* We'd had a weekend at friend Rachel's house in the Black Country, staying with her mum and dad, who just happen to be the coolest parents (ours aside of course!) and we got talking about how much we'd love to travel. Rachel's dad told me that he'd taken a few months off work when he was my age and it had actually HELPED his career. He also said it was the best time of his life and taught him so much.

I myself was teetering on the edge of heading off around the world but really didn't want to leave Josh behind as I knew we'd have an amazing job, but there's a huge step involved with leaving a salaried job that gives you comfort but not necessarily satisfaction.

I'd asked for a career break at work before that weekend but been told that it wasn't possible, which was fair enough as we're a small team, but that still left me with the dilemma that I wanted to travel...

On that Monday evening, we'd both had particularly shitty days at work (classic Monday stuff, nothing heavy) but twinned with sitting in heavy traffic in the cold, rainy darkness just tipped Josh over the edge. He took me straight to the pub (good lad) and we sat and had a serious chat about getting out there. He had that 'What am I doing with my life? Why am I here when I could be out there seeing the world?'

We'd talked enough. It was time for action. And red wine.

Over dinner we made a plan. I wanted to go back to Kenya (have I mentioned that I've been before?!) and live in a new country, learn a new language etc but that wasn't something Josh was as keen on, so we decided that I should go ahead and do that first and then Josh would come out to join me, we'd experience the travel life for a short time then come home and make a plan for further travels in 2014.

So I'm going. Today! I really should pack. Just a short flight to Dubai, a 3.5 hour stopover, a flight to Nairobi, a 4 hour stopover and a 1 hour flight to Mombasa and I'LL BE THERE!

See you there dudes!

Conclusion: Rain makes you quit your job, buy an umbrella.

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