Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Quality snacking, quality time and Quality Street

I've forgotten how to do anything other than snack... I'm grazing like a lame horse with my feet up on the table about to watch Enchanted, even though I'm 28 and there are no children in the house...

This is what my Christmas Day looked like:

Just Mr and Mrs Baxter chilling out and enjoying each other's company seeing as I'm flying off to Kenya without him in two weeks time. Yep, two weeks. That is going to be one AWFUL goodbye. I'm so bad at goodbyes.

However, it's onlyfor a month and then he's flying out to Kenya and we're going to have an African adventure together. I'd like to rent some cottage right on the beach when he gets there and just CHILL OUT and enjoy spending QUALITY time with each other.

You can live with someone and not see them for the majority of the working day, then you get home and you're too tired to do anything other than SIT. That's not living, that's existing. No fun. There's an element of normality that is unavoidable, but who's writing the rules here?

I'm high on cheese and Cool Original Doritos anyway, ignore me. I'm going to go and listen to my new Queen CD.

More Kenya stories to follow... stay tuned!

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