Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Explore. Dream. Discover. Yep, it's MY Bucket List!

Bucket List = Things I would very much like to try in my life before I'm not able to try them any more!

Lately I've been reading more and more blogs about people and their bucket lists, and although I'm not a massive fan of bandwagons, I'm jumping on this one and taking it for a ride. Man. I've thought about this list for a while, and I couldn't care LESS that some of them might be on other people's lists or that they might not be considered original. They are important to ME. So thereeeeeee.

So without much further ado...Katie's Bucket List (capitals and everything, oh yeah.)

• Visit every continent (must first learn about continents.)

• Put down a track in a recording studio. Of sorts.

• Visit Devil’s pool in Zambia

• Go on a TV game show

• Travel in a helicopter

• Visit Rio Celeste in Costa Rica

• Eat a steak in Argentina

• Go to Panama (wearing a Panama hot. Obvs.)

• Ride on an elephant

• Wear size 12 jeans

• Learn another language. Fluently.

HOWEVER, I must confess that thinking about the ol' bucket list made me think about what I've done in life so far that is pretty cool (if I say so myself) so I kind of made my own 'done it already list' to lay it out there...what??! Have you never added something to a list that you've already done just to tick it off??

• Zip line in Honduras
• Safari in Kenya
• Appear on a TV show (prime time in case you didn’t know)
• Contract typhoid in Uganda
• Camp in the Serengeti
• Help build a house in Honduras

Weirdly, as a child (and I suppose in later years too!) I was always jealous of anyone who broke a bone because I'd never broken one myself, so I was fairly satisfied when I broke my ankle last year during a netball match, but the satisfaction didn't last long when I had to hire a mobility scooter on a trip to Disneyland Paris...
I'm off to the newsagent to get that winning lottery ticket now.

Where's your bucket list then? Hey?

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