Sunday, 4 December 2011

Things I'm excited about on a Sunday evening...

Nothing. Goodnight.

Only kidding!
  • Having my Christmas tree up! Although does it weird anyone else out that you have a garishly decorated tree in their living room? Feels kind of grotesque, but the kind that I like too much to stop...
  • The tin of miniature heroes under aforementioned Christmas tree
  • X-Factor final - come on Miss. Amelia Lily (it's a quiet week for me ok?)

This was a pointless exercise. It's Sunday and I'm hungover, who am I kidding?

On another note, there are too many things that I like from this photo taken last Wednesday, yes it was a school night... (I need to buy a new dress I think, I wear this one a LOT) I'm practicing sustainable fashion though.

Goodnight x

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