Sunday, 4 December 2011

'Africa has never really appealed to me...'

...Is something someone said to me last night. I actually think I held it together quite well considering how much this comment bothered me. Also good considering I'd had a litre of very nice red wine and no dinner by that point too.

ARRGHHH I just don't like it when people wipe out a whole continent from their mind simply because of what they hear on the news or what they think of as rational in their hair-brained minds...

This guy followed it up with 'because the crime in Johannesburg is awful'. Yes, you're right spongehead, the WHOLE of Africa is the same as Johannesburg, anyone want to swap seats with me?

Be sure to have lots of fun on your Spanish holiday where you never leave the compound of the resort and complain that people don't speak English and there's no decent TV shows or you don't like the food...

Breathe. Count to ten.

Idiot. Travel is about opening the mind, breaking down boundaries and opening the mind. Oh, I said that already...oops.

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