Sunday, 27 November 2011

I've seen you wearing that dress before...

I was reading Company magazine in bed this morning (perfect hangover reading fodder) and I found myself getting increasingly frustrated by the fact that magazines, and the wider media too, constantly point out a celebrity wearing *shock horror* the same article of clothing more than once! But look! She wore that bag TWO YEARS AGO - Kate Winslet, hang your head in SHAME...

The media been doing this for years and I think it has always amused me more than anything, of course they have plenty of money, why should they have to wear an item more than once? Surely they can afford to wear new underwear every day if they wanted to? In fact I do recall reading that a male A-list celebrity never wore the same pair of socks twice. Socks. Is that just indulgence, laziness or greed because he is able to afford new socks every day? If he worked in an office or stacked shelves in a supermarket there's a slim chance things might be different on the sock front methinks.

Why has it become a massive deal for anyone in the public eye to re-use their clothes? In today’s society where you have a different bin to encourage recycling and supermarkets are berating you for not bringing your own re-useable bags and heaven forbid you leave your TV on standby overnight; it seems laughable that the media are not doing their part to change this mindset that celebrities should be pinpointed if they wear the same thing more than once.

Thinking of my own meagre wardrobe, I would reach crisis point within two weeks if I had the paparazzo outside my door pointing the finger for wearing something twice. I often buy an article of clothing and wonder what the hell I wore before I owned it because I wear it so often…

I was inspired by Sheena and her Uniform Project fundraiser for children in India when she pledged to wear a little black dress for a year in support of sustainable fashion. More celebrities should take note and give this a shot themselves in my humble opinion.

Now, I am not what you might call a fashion aficionado. Haute couture might as well be a dish on a restaurant menu for all I care, and I know there’s a lot of money to be made from fashion, but it hurts my brain to think of all the intricate work that goes on to make a beautiful dress that will be worn once on the red carpet, then who knows where it goes after that?

If I buy a dress that I LOVE, I’d want to wear it again and again and again! It’s sad enough that I’ll never be able to wear my wedding dress again. In public *ahem* actually maybe there's something to be said about the wedding dress indusrty, but that can keep for another day.

Now, if someone was to tell me that all these once-worn clothes go to good homes and fulfil their clothing destiny, then potentially I’ll feel better. I hate to bring the developing world in to it, but I will. I’ve seen enough families in ripped, filthy clothes to feel strongly about this, I don’t feel this frustration is unjustified. There’s so much more that we can be doing to act responsibly when it comes to fashion and recycling what we have in our wardrobes. I’m not saying we need to send our clothes to Africa, but changing this attitude starts at the top, higher than Kate Winslet using her handbag more than once…

Oh, here’s the Uniform Project I was banging on about earlier


Hat trick of shameless same dress wearage! Over and out!

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