Sunday, 20 November 2011

I WILL be thin for this summer...

I've decided to stop drinking, or at least stop drinking during the week, or...failing that at least drink less in general. I realised that every story I told little sister Beth when she was up here the other day started with 'This one time I was hammered' or 'I was so drunk this time' etc...which isn't so good, but I quite like being merry and with the festive season approaching, it's only going to escalate.

So...I've gone and done what I never EVER thought I'd, no that - naughty. I've joined a GYM! And I quite enjoy it! I've got myself kitted out in Nike sports gear (other brands are available) I've made myself a play list of dudes to help motivate me (shout outs to Tinie Tempah, David Guetta, Snoop Dogg and oddly enough, Kelly Clarkson...) and I hit the gym a few times a week, I even went on a Sunday the other week, check me out. See, I enjoy the calories too much to cut back as much as I need to, so it's good old exercise for me as a counter balance. Jessica Alba, watch out love.

What else? Ummm talking of little sister Beth, her and the other half Oli came to stay the other day, which was full of laughs. We went for tapas then on up to the Skylounge in Leeds city centre for one overpriced drink (£8 for a cocktail I tell you...sip it, don't gulp it)

Here we are, roll call!

It's fun having them to stay, we listen to a lot of good music, stay up too late on a school night and laugh a lot when they're here :)

In other news, a fun night was had by all last Saturday for my good friend and colleague Laura's birthday party, hosted at my friend, colleague and gym buddy Nayani's house, then Leeds city centre.

Laura's on the right there, this photo makes me sad though because Rachel on the left is moving hundreds of miles away soon and I won't see her five times a week unless we REALLY make an effort. Humph.

Things I'm excited about:
  • Going back to 'things I'm excited about' on here, I've dropped it since getting back from Africa. I blame Africa for this and many other things...
  • The in-laws are descending on Leeds/Bradford for the weekend and it's going to get messy
  • Going out for dinner with the fabulous newlyweds Brunoff and Mitch (must not ask them how married life is treating them, got SO annoyed with people asking me that...)
  • Plodding through my TEFL course - yes life really is that exciting for me...I'm getting my geek on and learning stuff
  • Going to see Bryan Adams on December 1st. Sadly it's not just me and him in a room having dinner, but I have to tolerate whoever else has booked to see him in Sheffield...*please no one else turn up* fingers crossed. 

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