Monday, 14 November 2011

A true gentleman, who will be missed.

Today is one of those days that punches you in the stomach and makes you feel like you could lose your faith in human kind in a tiny moment. It also makes you realise just how short and precious life really is. Sounds like an exaggeration, perhaps so, but writing helps slightly, then I'll try Galaxy chocolate next, then bed.

I heard today that someone I met, a great man, is no longer on this planet with us, and being the emotional wreck I am, this knocked me for six. I didn't know him for all that long, but I'm the type to form attachments even if I don't see people again or talk to them all that much. Once I've met someone and got to know them, I consider them a friend, I don't think that's a bad thing.

This man took me in to his home, told me I was part of his Honduran family, tolerated my crappy Spanish and was a friendly face in a new country. I think you know when you have met and been in the presence of someone who is completely kind and a genuinely lovely person, they stay with you for a long time afterwards. Snr. Rafael was this man who I could listen to his stories for hours (and I did) always had a smile for you and loved his family very much, especially his beautiful grandson, anyone could see this. A good man is no longer with his family, and I feel so sad for them all left behind. They are a great family, all beautiful and kind.

Snr. Rafael, it was a pleasure and a privilege to have met you. Gracias. Que descanse en paz.

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