Monday, 7 November 2011

What's the matter with some people?

OK. I've got to have a rant. I'm going to do it anyway. I am!

Today is my six month wedding anniversary to the boy, so we thought it important to have a romantic evening and celebrate in style.

We went to the cinema to watch Machine Gun Preacher. Good times.

Arriving in to Kirkstall Cinema, we stood and watched as a group of young lads were thrown out of the place by a young girl who worked there, and they shouted abuse at her and tried to intimidate her, but to her credit she didn't back down, and nor should she have (I have no idea why they were getting thrown out, nor do I care; I don't like young boys who are aggressive to young ladies!)

~It's at this point I'll mention an incident that happened a year or so ago at same cinema. A mum told these guys off for being loud during a film, they left the cinema, drove to a nearby petrol station, purchased a bottle of bleach and came back and threw it in this woman's face in the restaurant next door....unbelievable...~

After purchasing tickets and a bag of minstrels (for the boy...honest) we sat down in the cinema and no more than five minutes had passed before I had something thrown at my face by someone further down the cinema...grrrrr, hold me back. I remained CALM and, being British, muttered something under my breath about it not being cricket etc. I had full control of the situation.

Being that the film is mainly set in Sudan/Northern Uganda and centres around the horrible conditions the children are made to be a part of, such as making the choice between killing their own parents or being killed themselves; it's not really the right film choice for the uneducated, pathetic guys at the back who insisted on laughing and joking throughout. Another girl who worked at the cinema came and kicked them out and they kicked off at her. The boy and I faced the front in a typically British style. I was likely to swing for them myself if I got involved.

The film ended (it's an intense but fantastic film, recommend it) and headed home, stopping for petrol on the way. My patience ran out when some IDIOT let off a firework next to the petrol station.

I have to ask, what is the matter with some people? Especially sitting in the cinema watching a film based on a TRUE story about the hardship some people go through every day, the fight to stay alive, and yet they waste their own life, a life they are lucky to have, by being an annoyance and probably a danger for no reason whatsoever. I just don't get it. Maybe it was just my lucky night and they all convened around the LS6 Kirkstall area just to annoy me...

So I'm riled and rattled and very pleased to live far away from LS6 these days...

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