Monday, 13 August 2012

My Favourite Blogs Right Now...

I love blogs. That is partly why I have a blog of my own. Duh.

I love clicking on to someone's page and seeing what they have to say, but I am massively guilty of bouncing straight off again if I don't feel like sticking around. Apologies if you have high bounce rates, that would be my fault.

I especially love blogs that make me laugh out loud or talk about cats or give me money saving tips (because I have no money and therefore need to save money) or are just plain random. Love it. I like to think this list below gives some kind of blueprint of my brain...

Here's my list of my current favourite blogs/sites:

Just general chitchat and excellent use of swear words: - My absolute all time fave right now. Two writers, one topic or object. One loves said object/topic, one hates it. Brilliant. Read it and read it again. The only negative is that it's not updated as often as I'd demand, but it keeps me going back for more. Just like a drug addict.

Just hilarious travel: Laugh Out Loud score is a healthy 8/10, very well done Roy. Almost got busted for reading it in the office but IT IS WORK RELATED I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW. Back off. It's about travel and I work in travel. Roy has a great writing style and has had a lot of fun on his travels so far, read it please.

Just pretty things: Crikey - I've spent so much time getting lost on this blog, but I justify it because it keeps me out of mischief. I'd just be scribbling on walls, supergluing coins to the pavement or posting Josh's credit cards through the floorboards if I wasn't reading blogs. Plus, it's mega creative and full of good tips. And photos of pretty shoes. All very important stuff.

Just love the writing style: You might have seen Mary's blog post '15 things white girls like to do on facebook' which went viral a year or so ago, I've been following it since then. I love her writing style and she has the cutest dog called Monty. I'm not even a dog person but Monty makes my heart melt. Nice work, Mary. You have the ability to make light of a tough situation and I applaud you for that.

Just because: Yeah that's right, when I've had a hard day at the office I like to come home, take a bath and then look at Maddie the dog and all of the things she can stand on ok?! This dog is incredible.

No one has paid me for any of these recommendations, but I have no issue with taking bribes to get your site on this list. I'm just kidding. (Email me)

No, I actually am kidding, just looking to share a little blog love in this cyber world.

Ok see you later!


  1. 8/10?! I'm at least twice as funny :D
    Thanks for the shout out Katie. I'm happier than an overripe watermelon....

    (ok, I dunno what that means either. I'll take 8/10)

  2. If I gave you a higher score you'd have nothing to work with and you'd just sit about all day in a velvet robe on a golden throne, growing a moustache and eating posh cheese perhaps?

    Or maybe I've been brainwashed with all my appraisals at work and being told that they never give top marks for anything so staff don't get complacent. Tsk.