Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Taking photos of clouds: My new obsession...

I have a fairly addictive personality, but I'm aware of it so I can channel it in the right direction. I get little obsessions and I'm loyal to them for as long as it takes to get bored of them and toss them aside.

So, I'm a little surprised that I'm married :)

My previous obsession was a game called Bejeweled on the iPhone. I didn't even HAVE an iPhone at the time, but I blame my sister Beth for getting me hooked on this game, she's like a pusher. She gave me a taste of it and then I was addicted. One time I played it for three hours straight and only stopped when Josh threatened to cut off my supply (it was his phone) and divorce me. When I stopped looking at the screen I could still see all the jewels... not good.

Check out my super high score though! (it came at a price...)

So... I was talking about clouds, not Bejeweled... My latest obsession is taking photos of clouds. And trees. I just love them. Give me a photo with clouds AND trees AND Instagram and I'm all over that.

Hell to the yeah.

On with the cloud love!

I've always loved clouds, even before I'd been in a plane (I first flew when I was 14 I think, to Holland) and I wondered what it would be like to fly through one.

I can name loads of different clouds too, yeah. Cirrus, stratus, cumulonimbus... errrr. Fluffy ones, giraffe shaped ones... well you don't have to know everything about something to appreciate it, I say.

I'm hoping to actually experience what falling through a cloud is as I'm doing a charity parachute jump soon. Good Lord that even frightened me to type that.

Hope you like my cloud pictures! I love Yorkshire.

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