Monday, 6 August 2012

I don't know what to write about first!

What a mental July I've had.

Presented an idea in front of 12 serious suits at the HQ of the company who owns the company I work for (big smiley face logo, you know the one) in the hopes of winning £1,500 towards another trip somewhere (can you guess where I'd go?!)

Kenya - I might have mentioned it.

Barcelona - For a week, for my birthday. Lots of tapas. Countless sangrias. Sun! Vitamin D ahoy! Rooftop pool, couldn't be more different to Kenya...

York. Just because I fancied getting on a train.

I'm getting closer and closer to home with my trips it seems. Time to go away again.

So there's plenty of things I have to write about and I REALLY enjoy writing. I just need to try and put it down in a way that doesn't make any sense to you whoever you are, reading this. I mean it barely makes sense at best anyway...

What I will do is this... because I haven't done it for ages:

Things I'm excited about!

(I can't remember if I used to do bullet points or numbers and I HATE being inconsistent) *quick check confirms it was bullets*
  • Ooh! I might be doing a parachute jump for Lunahome in Kenya which I'm sh*tting myself really excited about. Why wouldn't you be excited about throwing yourself out of a plane?

  • On that same note, there's talk of us climbing Mount Kilimanjaro too next year to raise money. Oh God. I'm really going have to start taking the gym seriously aren't I?

  • The Olympics. That's right. I'm on board. GB! GB! GB! Although I'm also cheering on Kenya and Uganda at every opportunity.

  • Going camping this weekend to see my lovely little sister's wedding venue. Exciting. We're off to the Lake District. PLEASE DON'T RAIN. I'm not good at camping in the rain, I get very grumpy.
I'll be back with more stories from far and near. Stick with me.

x x x x

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