Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What's Catty Doing?

Just in case you've been wondering what Catty has been up to recently, I'll fill you in.

2011 was a good year for Catty, check out what a busy year he's had and some of his favourite things to do...

Busy growing in to an EVER BIGGER cat.

Checking out his snow boots!

Sniffing stuff and being curious in general

Diving! Scores please?

Perfecting staring and the art of total lack of spacial awareness. Yep. He is a busy dude.

Balancing and that.

Catching some rays! Outta my sun!

Snoozing on laps, did you know cats sleep for up to 20 hours of the day?

Making new friends who have beer!

Drinking out of toilets - I don't think I'll ever understand this...

Practicing my 'I'm just too cute for anything laborious' face.

So there we have it. Catty has BIG PLANS for 2012. He's going to go on a diet (he doesn't know this) he's going to chase more things thinking he is a dog, he's got plenty of sleeping to be catching up on and muddy paw prints to tread through the house. Hopefully this Boxing Day he won't be sick on the carpet and this year I'm crossing fingers he stops using the bathroom mat as an extension of his litter tray. All I have to remember is that this is actually HIS house and I'm just lucky he allows me to live there with him.

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