Thursday, 30 June 2011

Too tired to change my life in 7 days

I've had Paul McKenna's 'change your life in 7 days' book by my bed for over 7 days now and I'm too tired to focus on reading it when I get to bed, so I haven't changed anything consciously as yet, but perhaps that is what Paul McK is aiming for! Who knows?

All I know is that a few nights in a row I've favoured Marian Keyes over changing my life - what have you got to say about that then? Read into that Mr. McKenna!

In other news, went to H&M tonight for the first time in MONTHS today with Rachel, excellent shopping partner! I wanted to look away when the total was bought up on the till but it wasn't as bad as I thought, plus the money made on eBay means I'm breaking even yes? I'm restocking!

Things I'm excited about tomorrow:

  • It's Frrrrriiiiiiidayy!!
  • Pork lollipops for dinner! (Sounds strange but lovely)
  • Wearing something new that I got today - I just lurve that new clothes smell!!!!
  • Spending some quality time with a capital QUA with Catty :) I've been a bad owner this week out all the time...we're going to play with ribbon!
  • Selling more things on eBay!
Here's a happy picture from Honor and Naomi's leaving do :)

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