Sunday, 26 June 2011

Happy campers / lobsters

This weekend was spent experiencing almost every type of English weather out there. 8 of us headed to the Peak District to camp it up for the weekend, there was talk of rain on the weather reports, but we poo pooed that and headed West across the Penines. I think that's correct anyway.

Anyway, pitched tent with hardly any arguements which is always good! Got a good pitch, a good 5 minute walk to the nearest toilet so not a good idea to leave it late...we've got a BBQ, we've got a gazebo, we've hired a firepit to sit around, we've got the iPod dock to chill out to...oh my days it's started raining...everybody inside! The rest of the night was spent eating pringles then dashing to the onsite bar :)

We survived! It was close, Friday was a complete WASH OUT and our brand new tent was tested to the limits as 8 wet fully grown drunken adults tumbled inside it. We didn't have as bad a night as some of our party though, their 2 man tent from Tesco, priced at £8, let them down and become our own pool! We later ran this tent over with a van to punish it.

Saturday was drier and we went in to the town of Bakewell, ate a bakewell pudding, drank a pint and cleared off back to the tent! Done! BBQ, firepit, more pringles, aero mint, games and bed. Beautiful stuff.

Sunday = heatwave! None of us packed suncream so we're burnt to a crisp :( played rounders (I LOVE rounders) read the papers, compared star signs, packed up and drove back to Leeds via everywhere thanks to Sat Nav choosing tiny winding roads through people's back gardens!

Catty has a present from us so he doesn't mind us heading off for the weekend. He has a new hairbrush! He's now half his normal size and feeling good about himself :)

HALF DAY AT WORK ON FRIDAY made my Friday :)

Selling clothes for £90 on eBay also made my Friday! Ca-ching!

Things I'm excited about tomorrow:

  • Showing everyone the video of the tent being ran over and jousted by a van
  • My sunburn developing in to a tan (I can wish for this)
  • Going to the post office to post my eBay parcels (OK I may be geeky in this, but I find it exciting that my parcels are going off to lots of different places!)
  • Sharing my bakewell pudding out with office peeps! I'll give myself a decent wedge...
Happy days!

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