Monday, 11 July 2011

Vegetarianism, yomping and yays at being published - yay!

I'm baaaaaaccccck! I'm not updating my lovely little blog as much as I thought I would, I have no idea how people blog daily...must learn and follow directions...

These last few days I've:

Been to see bridesmaids film, again, so that's twice now! Great film :) Took the hubby this time and 5 friends, great evening until...

We went to a vegetarian curry house that also does not sell alcohol or allow alcohol on the premises...I didn't even know these places existed...Josh and Rachel were not amused...we needed a meat and beer fix pronto!

Saturday we went to Guiseley to do all kinds of domesti-katie things, buying Catty things, cashing in wedding vouchers, blah blah blah, and in typical joshnkatie style, got bored halfway through and went to watch the planes land at Leeds Bradford Airport :) there's a road that has a car park just at the end of the runway and we had a Waynes World moment sat on the bonnet of the car with the planes going over our heads, lovely. Nothing like the fear of a plane overshooting the runway straight over your car for an adrenaline rush! Then, found a great pub called the Royalty with a Russel Brand lookeylikey bar man, plus a great view of the airport - we like planes. Will bring my Dad up there one day, he'll like that.

Sunday - went yomping in the Yorkshire Dales! Got the train the Dent station - the highest mainline station in England dontcha know!Walked to Ribblehead, or that was the plan until we got hopelessly LOST - and no LOST characters in sight, not even Hurley. No phone, no map, a race against time and nearly got stuck in the mud...Anyway, made it back to the train station just in time for a cider and a clementine :)

Watched Marley and Me - my God that's a brilliant film! I want a dog now!

Station from train photo - check the skills!

Matching walking boots = married couple :)

Things I'm excited about:
  • Going for a night out in Bradford on Thursday to the Russian Restaurant! Never had Russian food before...
  • Wearing a new frock out to said Russian restaurant!

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