Sunday, 24 July 2011

It's nearly my birthday!

I love having a birthday! I feel like it's a day where nothing bad should happen, I feel invincible and everyone HAS to be nice to me - that doesn't always happen when you are working on your birthday and have customers to face, it's almost like they don't care that it's your birthday when you interrupt their complaint to inform them of this...tut tut with the RUDENESS.

~ Must mention one birthday I was working in Superdrug pharmacy and I told one lady it was my birthday whilst she was waiting for her prescription (not that my massive badge and helium balloon tied around my wrist was hiding anything) and she came back in to give me some flowers! How nice is that? There are still nice people in the world :)

I wonder two things about this scenario looking back though, I did kind of PRESUME the flowers were for me, I THINK she offered me the flowers but it would be just like me to shriek THANK YOU THEY'RE AMAZING and they might not actually have been for me...also, never really liked flowers, like chocolates. Not ungrateful, but would have preferred chocolates by mystery lady... ~

This year on my birthday I'll be in a new job which I'm starting tomorrow and doesn't have any customer facing side to it, so hopefully should escape the unpredictability of customers calling in with potential narkiness...

Things I'm excited about:

  • Getting the husband back from a stag do in York - I get scared of stag do's...
  • Starting a new job tomorrow in marketing! EEEEP
  • Getting cupcakes delivered to work on wednesday - forgot when I ordered them that it was my birthday on the delivery date! :)
  • Seeing a friend on Tuesday that I haven't seen since 2009! Catch up a rama!
  • Posting wedding thank you cards :)
  • Buying kit for trip to Africa in September - zip off trousers ahoy!

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