Thursday, 28 July 2011

Room 27

Hey dudes,

I'm checking in to room 27 for the next year. Room 26 was getting a little small for me and I'd outstayed my welcome there, room 28 is too big at the moment, so 27 it is!

26 served me well though; I got married, I moved out of Headingley, I got a new job, I lost over 2 stone, I discovered I don't hate mushrooms, I got a cat, I...well that's enough for now anyway!

I had a great birthday! I nearly got a cup of tea in bed,, but I overslept so no tea for me. Josh got me a WIFE card which thrilled me, plus 2 awesome CD's. Work was fine, apart from having my birthday cakes stolen! I got some lovely presents from Rachel and Dawn, some lovely cards and Nayani bought me a carvery dinner! Yumtowns!

I got home to MORE CARDS, and my Dad sent me a great present, the heel from my wedding shoe that got stuck in the drain outside the church :) a guy from the church pulled it out of the drain and held on to it for Dad and he posted it to meeeeeee.

Then a bunch of us coolkids headed to Tariq's in Headingley for a trip down memory lane and a lamb saag. I love lamb in my curries. The plan after dinner was to head to a karaoke booth, but it was BROKEN!!! So instead we played on a quiz machine for like half an hour and gambled all my taxi fare.

Cat lollipop...birthday me...birthday bag ever from Rachel...

Things I'm excited about:
  • Dad is taking part in an all day badminton match for his church charity this Saturday - Go Dad! 
  • Josh and I are going to Blackpool for the weekend! Pleasure beach, trams, fish and chips
  • Tomorrow is Friday - what's not to be excited about?
  • Wearing my new welly boot necklace from Rachel :)
  • Going on the Big Dipper for the first time!

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