Tuesday, 7 January 2014

You don't HAVE to wear head to toe khaki on safari, asshole

I saw the funniest thing on my latest trip to Kenya while staying at Shimba Hills National Park.

I was sat outside our banda having breakfast overlooking the whole park, here was my view:

Sa-weeeet view man
Breakfast was going down very nicely until a safari jeep pulls up and a family of German tourists jumps out and I see that they are ALL wearing HEAD TO TOE KHAKI clothing. Including the toddler they had with them. They looked like idiots quite the sight.

I think when they read the 'Visit Kenya' guide there must have been a line in there saying they should wear khaki on safari, so they went to town and bought EVERYTHING KHAKI. There must not have been anything khaki left in the store after they visited.

It makes me laugh how some tourists stick to the 'rules' on holiday. I'm sure the guidebook only suggested wearing khaki coloured clothing on a walking safari to avoid scaring any animals because let's face it, when you're in a loud, rickety, white safari vehicle... it doesn't matter if you're wearing a turquoise top REALLY.

I could imagine Kenyans laughing so hard at them in their wake "hahaha these tourists are so funny, we are so glad we wrote in the guidebook about wearing khaki to see who would actually do it!". I've met many hilarious people from Kenya and they do enjoy practical jokes...

This was especially hilarious to me sat at the breakfast table wearing purple shorts and an orange top (shut up, it looked better than it sounds...) I guess you could call me a rule breaker.

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