Monday, 18 November 2013

Getting drunker in a bunker

I had an odd experience on Friday night.

I got drunk in a bunker.

I'll take a step back. We'd been out for dinner in Stanningley to the aforementioned Vietnamese place when someone suggested crossing postcodes and walking to Farsley for a few beers. WALKING TO FARSLEY??! It's miles! Ok it's less than a mile I think but in this weather I'm not into walking very far.

But the lure of more red wine was to strong so off we trotted. I actually like walking with a group of my friends because it reminds me of being a teenager and pacing the streets finding things to do. It's fun to realise I am a Grown Up and no longer need to pester anyone to buy me booze or go to a pub and drink a coca cola...

We headed to The Village wine bar in Farsley and ordered some drinks at the bar. My bezzie (also known as Lucy) suggested we head to the back of the bar where there's a little room. Sometimes when you head to a private quieter area of a bar, it can ruin the night if you like the ambiance of the bar noise... but look where we sat! 

It was a little bunker with a curved ceiling so it trapped our noise and if anything, amplified it so it made us even louder. And I am LOUD anyway.

We spent a very fun few hours drinking wine, doing shots of tequila and limoncello and talking absolute drivel before it was time to find a taxi. That taxi was SPINNING on the way home, someone must have been topping up my wine glass or something.

It's always fun to find new spaces to get drunk and this was definitely my first time getting drunk in a bunker. 

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