Monday, 1 April 2013

So I'm Home...

I arrived back in the UK two days ago. I've been shivering for two days. Yesterday I felt more positive than I do today.

I've had:

- one bath (and one shower)
- seven cups of tea
- five episodes of Friends
- two kit kat chunky bars
- one walk around the park
- four glasses of red wine

I'm staring at my suitcase, willing it to unpack itself. The reason I stopped is that a spider crawled out of it as I started unpacking and I'm fairly sure it came all the way from Kenya... a friend! A friend from Kenya!

I've been finding homes for my souvenirs - I have enough to set up my own Masai craft market here in Leeds *IDEA*

I'm trying to find my camera cord to add photos to this blog but I have no idea where anything is. I need an unpacking canon. Just load everything into the canon and fire! I forgot how much mess I made packing to leave England and it's all still here waiting for me! Gaaaaaaaah.

Plus, there's something so depressing about unpacking summer clothes knowing you won't need them for aaaaaaaages.

I'm off to stash the whole suitcase under my bed until further notice.

I miss Kenya.

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