Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Adapting to living in England again...

I've mostly been wearing sleeves and tights, I haven't had to think about those things for a few months.

Things that are nice about being home:

  • Being with The Boy (of course) I missed him a fair bit
  • Snuggling! I love snuggles! There was no snuggling when we were both in Kenya, it was too hot
  • Having the TV to myself during the day when Josh is at work (I don't have a job yet)
  • Wearing different clothes to the select clothes I had with me and having my full range of accessories
  • I suppose it is nice to bundle up and go outside for a walk
  • Red wine by open fires
Things that are shit about being home:
  • It's not Kenya
  • Kenya felt more alive, everyone here seems so weary and fed up
  • It's freezing
  • I don't have a job
  • The beach is miles away and it's freezing
  • There are no matatus
  • It's not Kenya
So to sum up, I think I'm doing quite well at adapting to being back in England. I can't WAIT for my first job interview!

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