Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fundraising for the next generation in Kenya

Last night I held a fundraising evening for the 4kids2live charity in Kenya, you know, for these guys:

It was my first time holding a fundraising evening and I don't think I've had to be that organised since my wedding...

It was an amazing evening, just to have everyone you know and love in one room all together is such a great feeling anyway AND the fact that we were raising money for a great cause topped it all off.

We raised over £400 in one night which is amazing and will be put to great use in Kenya.

I feel so emotional when I look at that picture above and think about all the struggles these children have already had in their short little lives, but how amazing it is that they're safely off the streets, or away from bad parents and that they have bright futures to look forward to.

Look at their faces! They're the bravest little people I've ever met and they're growing in confidence, skills and talent every day. The next generation in Kenya is coming through and I'm happy to say that I'm a teeny tiny part of that, and so is everyone else who came to the fundraiser last night.

I'd better be off before I start wailing on about how much I love everyone and life and how lucky we all are etc. I think I still have some gin in my pipes...

Have a good weekend, no more gin for me...

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