Saturday, 8 September 2012

A sunny Saturday in September

It's September and it's sunny. Last night I drank two bottles of wine. Or so I'm told. This is what I remember:

Oh jeez. Yep, that's a pasta ladle moonlighting as a microphone.

I'm very busy doing my best impression of a solar panel right now, soaking up as much sun as possible before it clears off again.

It's too nice to be indoors on the laptop. I'm going to spend some time catching on some rays, it's about time too England.

A few things I'm excited about before I resume my position on the chair in the garden:

  • Meeting up with a friend tonight who I haven't seen in a few years, that's always fun. Plus, the venue is an outside bar overlooking to River Aire in Leeds. Sun, beers, good company. Simple.
  • Booking another trip to Kenya - date to be confirmed but it's good to have things in the pipeline!
  • The chilled glass of white wine waiting for me as soon as I finish this blog post...
Let's call it a day eh?

Bye from Catty too! It's too hot for him outside.


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