Monday, 28 October 2013

4 Annoying types of people I meet on my commute everyday...

I think I've written about how much I hate my commute before... I really do try to laugh at it as much as possible and luckily I only have an eight minute train journey twice a day, I don't know what I'd do if it was longer...

It's like sometimes I'm surrounded by MORONS. Seriously. Here's a few types I meet everyday...

The jerk who thinks it's ok to put their bag on the seat
Yes YOU I'm looking at you. It's 8.15am, the busiest part of the day and this guy thinks it's fine to take up two seats with his bag. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realise your bag was a person and therefore entitled to a seat! I do apologise!
I change my mind daily about whether to embarrass them and call them out or just to walk on by and find an empty seat, depends on my mood. What rattles me the most is when the guilty part look up at you in surprise when you ask them to move their bag, like they thought they had the train to themselves. JERKS.

The keen bean
You know the type, they have the seat by the window, you've just got comfortable and they ask if you can move so they can get out. There's a good six minutes until we arrive into the station but they need to get up NOW so that they can get down to the serious business of STANDING BY THE DOOR and getting ready to get off the train. Never mind the fact that the train has just left the previous station. Jerks.

The door blockers
Oh hey! I'm on the train and I'd like to get off the train and get on to the platform please but I can't because YOU'RE IN THE WAY WAITING TO GET ON THE TRAIN. I don't know if this is the first time you've ever got on a train in your life, but they way it usually works is that the peeps on the train get off so that your lovely self can get on the train. Want me to run you through that again? Jerks.

The 'oh no where's my ticket, I had it a minute ago' w@nkers' 
Let me ask you something, dear commuter... why is it that you go through the ticket barriers every day, but it seems that every day they come as such a surprise to you? Why do you wait until you're right at the barrier before rummaging in your bag/pocket/wallet for your precious ticket? Jerks.

Phew! That felt therapeutic, have I missed any other types?

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  1. The ipod w*ankers. No, I do NOT want to listen to your music loudly leaking out of your headphones, thanks very much. Jerks.

    The "I'm on the train!" w*ankers. Your phone conversation is not so vitally important to the rest of us that you need to shout in out loudly so everyone in the carriage can hear you. Jerks.

    There's more, I'm sure. Ask me after I've been commuting to London for a month.... eeek.