Sunday, 16 October 2011 goody!

Ha ha ing at my own titles of these posts...tee hee.
I don't even think we're halfway through this trip yet dear reader...sorry. I'll try to whittle it down a little but I'm not sure I'll be successful.

So, we're heading to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, did I mention that we're camping there for the night? No? Did I also mention that there's no fence or protection from any kind of wild animal there? You betcha I was reaching for the whiskey that night; here's the campsite and me standing in front guarding my tent:

The princesses were terrified...signs like these above did NOT help morale...

Darkness fell...animal noises could be heard and we were told 'if you need a number one in the night, get out of your tent, do your business and get straight back in...if you need a number two...make a plan' gulp.

Suffice to say, that night I popped some sleeping pills and put my ear plugs in, and I'm happy to say I slept straight through the night! Didn't hear a thing, didn't need a wee! Katie - 2 African Wildlife - 0!

Next morning we got up early for a game drive and were lucky enough to see three leopards, sorry three ELUSIVE leopards...not so elusive though were you? huh? Us along with twenty other safari vehicles anyway...

We saw pretty much the entire Big 5 that day - so happy!

On our way out of the Serengeti, we had a chance to stretch our legs and check out a viewpoint. After a few days on the truck we knew better than to turn down any toilet breaks and leg stretching opps so out we climbed out and posed for a few pics:

The next part of the journey was one that I've just about banished to the back of my memory. We drove from the Serengeti to the Ngorogoro Crater along the bumpiest road for a few hours, it was awful! You couldn't read as the book would be bouncing around in front of your face, the truck was so loud that playing your music would be pointless too!

The only respite came from looking out for giraffes and Masai tribesman out in the bush in their distinctive red clothes. We stopped off at a Masai village for a tour and an opportunity to buy hand crafted, hideously overpriced souvenirs...

The tour was interesting and I'd never been in to a tribal village before, Nayani was almost welcomed in to the tribe which was too funny.

Onwards from here to spend the night at the edge of the Ngorogoro crater...what will we have seen there I wonder???

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