Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday photo album

"Oh Uganda! May God uphold thee
We lay our future in thy hand
United, free
For liberty
Together we'll always stand"

The national anthem of Uganda is etched in my memory and is drenched in happy memories. I heard it every day for one month sung by children at school to a backdrop of spectacular scenery. How can I ever forget that?

I taught English in a tiny village in Uganda in 2007. One of the best experiences of my whole life and the starting point for my love of travel I'd say. Some of the villagers had never left to see the nearest town, so it was a real culture shock for both visitors and residents.

My time in Uganda was my first ever experience of Africa. I fully blame Uganda for my subsequent crush on Africa but I think I was a but overwhelmed by it and only came to appreciate the haphazard but organised chaos that is Africa. 

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed going back over it :)

Home sweet home in Uganda!

Top notch toilets in Uganda

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