Monday, 23 September 2013

MONDAY photo album

OK so I messed up. I only started the Sunday album idea LAST WEEK and I already mucked it up and missed Sunday.


I have an excuse though. I was driving the LENGTH of the M1 in this godforsaken country where there are too many cars for the roads and no one knows how to drive properly. Can I stress at this point that the middle lane is not just for you to saunter down as you please??! 'Oh there's a lorry in the near distance, think I'll move over now so I don't have to think for a while'


Anyway, where was I?

Today's Sunday Monday photo album is from Honduras, central America.

I was a tour leader on a trip there in November 2010 and we helped to build houses in La Esperanza. At the weekends we kept the tour participants drunk busy and showed them around the delights of Honduras.

Honduras is an amazing country and is often overshadowed by it's neighbours, Guatemala and Nicaragua, not to mention it's friend down the road, Costa Rica.

Here's a selection of photos from the trip:

We installed a solar panel in this woman's house so her family could have electricity and stop using candles in her wooden house

There's nothing I love more than seeing children behaving like children. Too often they're given responsibility from an early age and don't get the chance to be a little bit silly.

La Esperanza, Honduras

Very modern methods used in La Esperanza

I have two regrets from this trip:

1. Not learning more Spanish. I really feel that learning more would have enhanced my experience and enabled me to chat with the local guys we were helping with the build

2. Not switching the date stamp off my camera! I could probably remove this but I know I'll never get around to it. I'll just have to live with it...

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