Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Something of a film review: The Great Gatsby

Last night I was completely swept away into a glamorous night of glitz, high fashion, pure wealth, fast cars and loud music.

Yep, that's right, I went to watch The Great Gatsby. At the cinema. In Bradford. In 3D.

My life is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy right now.

It struck me during the film *spoiler alert* that I haven't yet seen a film where Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't die. Seriously, Titanic, Romeo & Juliet, Django Unchained (which I saw on the flight home from Kenya while sitting next to an Amish lady - I felt like a bad person).

Do you think he is becoming typecast? Still, he does it for me and while I didn't cry like I did at Titanic, I REALLY enjoyed the film and just love anything Baz Lurhmann gets his hands on. Maybe he should have directed Titanic? The soundtrack on that would have been killer.

Anyway, I left the cinema feeling so underdressed compared to the dresses in that film. I want every single drop waist, feathered, beaded dress I can get my hands on. I also need a cigarette holder and a headpiece.

Everyone was fantastic in the film and the houses they used...*sigh* I want to go to New York more than ever right now, but I want to go fifty years ago - SOMEONE MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

Anyway, today I wore my sparkly headband in a nod to Gatsby-esque fashion... now for the drop waisted dress to arrive...

Hey there, Old Sport.

My mission to reclaim my weekdays continues. I just have to remember that it's ok to stay up a little past 11 and feel a little snoozy at my desk the next day in exchange for not becoming so acquainted with my sofa and GETTING OUTSIDE.

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  1. This is a book-to-film adaptation that may or may not win over fans of the book, but may just piss a lot of people off. Good review Katie.