Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Simple ways to de-stress your life


You look a bit stressed - are you feeling stressed? Come sit down here, let me bake you some biscuits.


Life can be stressful. There are things that can stress you out that are out of your immediate control - coastal erosion... fuel price increases... canned laughter on sitcoms to name a few, that can leave you completely disillusioned with life... and then there are things that stress you out that you CAN change. Easily and for very little money.

(Most of these are materialistic things - I can't help when it comes to anything REALLY serious right now. Sorry).

1. Display accessories in an easy-to-view way. I'm talking about jewellery as someone who sees accessorising as a religion. Having recently started back in the shitty wonderful world of full-time employment and having to get out of the door by 8.05am looking halfway decent, I've tried to find ways of making this easier. So I've hung all my necklaces up on a over-the-door-hanger so I can just walk up and pick them out. Simple.

2. Colour code your wardrobe. There is some initial work involved in this one and it's probably not the most exciting thing you'll ever do in life, but once you maintain it, it's so helpful! Sure you don't need me to tell you how to do this.

3. Buy some drawer dividers. Honestly, these are probably the best things I've purchased recently. My make up drawer (yes, there's a whole drawer) was looking scary every time I opened it and I'd fling things about like a mad woman in the morning... until I got these! Now my essentials that I use every day are in one compartment... hair things like clips, bands and grips that would otherwise be lost in the Bermuda Triangle that used to be my drawer are now adorned and used and other less-used items are in another. Happy Katie.

4. Listen to music when you get home from work. Get that TV off, you! I can see you slobbing on the sofa clutching your remote. And I can see you're wearing a snuggie too. Yes you might have been sitting down ALL DAY at work and you want to sit down now, but having music on at home is scientifically proven (by me) to make you more likely to move around and feel happier and less stressed after a long day at the office.

Those are a good starting point for you. You don't have to thank me... but if you want to then get me some Cadbury's. Thanks!

Image from: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/snuggleduststudios/product/love-is-nice-to-come-home-to-wall-sticker

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