Friday, 15 March 2013

Gone in 7 minutes: My 'beauty' regime...

The other day I was getting ready to go out and realised that it only took me SEVEN minutes from bed to door. It seems that living in Kenya is doing a few wonders for me and I'm taking living the simple life to the maximum. Not being 'that bothered' by dirt helps a lot :)

It helps that the weather is predictable here, so I don't need to fuss about whether to wear tights, boots, gloves, umbrella, waterproof mascara, blah blah blah. Most days I throw on a dress and flip flops, sling my bag over my shoulder and I'm good to go. Packing up my laptop and camera normally take me longer than actually getting ready.

So, I thought it would be fun to share my 'beauty regime' in Kenya with you. It's also going to be depressing fun to look back on when I'm back in the UK :)

(Note - I just killed a mosquito with my bare hands, I'm like Beyonce right now).

My Kenya beauty regime:

Wake up, shower in cold water - completely invigorating but not something that is done by choice, there is no hot water. Deal with it.

Wash with Nivea bar of soap that costs 50 Shillings. No shower gel here for me, it's like going back in time, I just need a tin bath in front of the fire.

Wash hair with super low cost Afro hair brand shampoo that I swear the supermarket workers are laughing at me for buying. It's called Dark&Lovely. I am def. not dark but I sure am lovely! Plus, it's cheap!

Dry self with towel that I REALLY need to remember to hand wash. It's smelling slightly fusty now.

Apply suncream. As a redhead, anything less than factor 30 here would be suicide.

Attempt to brush hair. I haven't dried my hair for months, errr thank you, that is the sun's job! I invested in a Tangle Teezer before coming out here and it was worth £12 that I spent on it. It feels like you're brushing a horse but it works for me. I reckon I'd easily be bald by now with a regular hair brush.

Apply a lick of waterproof mascara. For me, if I don't have any make up on at all people usually ask me if I'm feeling ok. That's always a high point of my day. I feel so much better with mascara on and it's my life so I'm wearing it ok? good.

Dress while hair dries and sun cream soaks in. Pick a dress, put it on.

Find flips flops. Find keys. Turn fan off. Grab mozzie repellent in case I end up staying out after dusk.

Done. In seven minutes.

Essential products: Suncream, mosquito repellent, tangle teezer brush, waterprrof mascara

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