Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Visiting Kilifi...

Last Sunday we took a road up the North Coast of Mombasa to Kilifi, I've wanted to go there for a while and our original plan was to head to Malindi which is even further up the coast, but we were hungover and didn't wake up early enough, so we settled for Kilifi which was fine by me...

We visited the ruins of a mosque...

We visited a 600 year old Baobab tree (I LOVE Boabab trees, they're HUGE!)

Then we visited a snake park and held a snake... not so much fun for me because when the man took it off my shoulders it tried to bite him, so if he had waited a second longer I would have punched a snake...

After we held the snake, the tour leader asked if we wanted to see them feed the snakes, I said yes as I thought the food would be dead... I MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN I WAS IN KENYA. The next thing I know, he's carrying this cute yellow baby chick over to the snake tank and it's chirping away happily and I suddenly feel SICK and walk away covering my ears. I do not have a single regret that I didn't stay to watch that chick getting eaten... VULTURES.

Next we headed to Kilifi boatyard for a seafood lunch:

After our fill of seafood, we hit the beach to sink into the sand for a lazy hour of sunbathing, swimming and idle chit-chat.

With wet shorts we climbed back into the car and decided to swing by a 5 star golf resort called Vipingo Ridge. This place is so posh it has its own airstrip that you can fly from Nairobi to in your own private jet, so it was really the perfect choice for us in our wet shorts and beach dresses with sandy flip flops... :)

We sat and had coffee, cocktails and a chocolate brownie for the princely sum of £25 while watching the sun set over the valley.

How was your Sunday?

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