Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lamu island is out of bounds then...

Soooooo... The Boy has arrived in Mombasa and has been here for almost one week already! Wow!

It's weird getting used to making plans with someone else when you've been a lone ranger for a month! The other day I went to bed without telling him and he found me in bed and was like 'you didn't tell me you were going to bed' oh yes, I'm not used to telling people my whereabouts, sorry...

We've been busy looking through the Kenya guidebook for all kinds of adventures to fill our time here, and Lamu looked like a decent place to visit. It seemed similar to Stone Town in Zanzibar and I was looking forward to wandering down alleys and checking out some wickedmean architecture, but alas! It is not to be!

It turns out that my Rough Guide I found is from 2009, and since its publication, Somalians keep insisting on kidnapping Westerners so it's no longer safe. Tut.

I'm one of those people who things happen to, so I would 100% be kidnapped if I were to go to Lamu, and that would be REALLY ANNOYING. The FCO website states:

"There were two attacks by armed gangs in small boats against beach resorts on 11 September (Kiwayu) and 1 October 2011 (Manda Island, Lamu). Both attacks were on beach-front properties, with two Westerners kidnapped and one murdered. Security in these areas has been tightened. However, beach-front accommodation and boats off the coast in areas close to the Somali border remain vulnerable."

Hmmmm. Normally I laugh in the face of the FCO website for all its scaremonger tactics and 'Oh, don't go outside when you're in Kenya because it's not safe and you'll be murdered' messaging, but on this occasion I might just go back to Zanzibar again and not be kidnapped.  

To Zanzibar then!

In conclusion: Lamu is full of people waiting to kidnap you, don't go there. I am of course kidding and I do feel bad for it having Somalia as such a shitty neighbour. I liken it to if you had a really nice house with nice furniture and a nice garden and then some chavs moved in to the council house next door and kept killing people. So annoying, you know?

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