Saturday, 9 June 2012

One Year Ago

This time last year I was growing into my new title of 'Mrs. Baxter' (I sound like such a dinnerlady don't I?) Trying to get used to not being a Mossman anymore... that sucked. Could be worse though, I could have married a Mr. Sidebottom or a Mr. Butt.

I still had a 'honeymoon in Mexico' tan, which is kind of like a normal tan but pastier, blotchier and with a sexy bandage tan line on my shin from having a mole removed.

I was looking forward to starting a new career in Marketing and saying goodbye to a four year stint in Customer Support.

I was about to turn 27. 27 on July 27th (made me smile anyway!)

I was about to go to Africa and then Amsterdam.

One year whizzes by, don't let it pass you by y'all.

That is all. Saturday night musings, now it's time for wine.


Mrs. BAXTER x x

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