Saturday, 9 June 2012

African Toilets: Part two!

Let's get straight down to business eh? Did you already read part one of this African toilets blog?

The Eco Toilet My second favourite of the bunch, mainly because there’s some magical ingredient in these eco-toilets that means they don’t stink to high heaven. I think it’s compost or something but they’re a round wooden cabin with a toilet right in the middle of the room with a proper seat and everything! It’s a long drop mind you, so hold on to anything you don’t want to drop down there. Marvel at the depth of the long drop if you like, it’s your throne.

The Petrol Station Toilet Oh God. Stuff some toilet paper up your nose, make your peace with God and get it done as quickly as possible. They’re mostly awful but the staff are very friendly! If you’ve seen the movie ‘trainspotting’ you’ll be able to picture what I mean.

The Safari Park Toilet Interesting is probably the word I’ll use to sum these up. A wooden building in the middle of nowhere that usually has a zebra hanging around outside. Or a buffalo. Buffalo are NOT friendly so walk very calmly back to the truck and don’t scream like a girl. Listen out for the flies down the long drop, that’ll make you hurry up and do your business.
That zebra was first in line to be fair.
The Flushing Toilet – Hurrah! The Mecca of toilets in Africa! If you’re in a group of people, you’ll open the door and shout ‘it’s got a seat!’ and then ‘IT’S GOT A FLUSH!’ you’ve arrived. My tip? Make the most of this golden opportunity. Take a magazine in and catch up on some you-time.

The Public Cubicle No One’s Using Is normally a 101 – sit tight, there’s probably a Western style toilet behind the other doors…

My final tip. Have a head torch handy as the toilets can be dark and whilst sometimes ignorance can be bliss, I need to see where I’m treading if there’s a toilet built in to the floor...

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