Thursday, 22 March 2012

A price-per-wear theory so I can afford clothes and shoes? Yes please!

*Disclaimer* Boys, you are not going to be interested in this post in the slightest. Run along and play with your toys :)

I heart clothes, especially pretty clothes and ESPECIALLY clothes with a bird print motif! Oh yes!

Flipside? I don't have much money at my disposal for aforementioned pretty things. Hmmm. Quandry.

How does one get past this and still end up with pretty things AND a bank balance with enough cash for wine and everyday essentials, such as matching shoes and necklaces?

Allow me to share my (almost) foolproof system when shopping and your lives will change!

It's called the Price-Per-Wear system (capitals necessary)

(If I knew how to make that little copyright logo thingy then I'd be all over that. But I'm not)

Now, the Price-Per-Wear system will get you out of a lot of down in the dumps and chin holding, head to the side 'but can I afford it?' moments.

You find yourself in retail heaven, standing before the garment of your dreams of the moment. You love it, it is, without a doubt, the prettiest thing you've seen in the last few minutes.

But it's £30. OK, the extent of my wealth reveals that I find £30 a lot of money to spend on one item, but insert your own amount, whatever works for you!

Ask yourself this vital question: How many times am I actually going to wear this?

(This is the part you whip out your calculator if your maths is not so good)

If the dress is £30 and you think you'll only wear it three times... well that's £10 per wear. Excellent maths skills Katie, well thank you very much Katie.

If it's going to be an everyday wear, and you'll wear it at least ten times, price it at £3 per wear. Bargain.

See what I mean? Brilliant logic, that also helps your maths skills. Everyone's a winner.

The Price-Per-Wear system. Someone show me how to make the copyright sign and quick!

(Of course... this logic went straight out of the window the day I purchased my wedding dress...)

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