Thursday, 29 March 2012

I Love Edinburgh and here's why...

Heading up to Edinburgh this weekend. Yep. I've a special place in my heart for Edinburgh, right next to Galaxy chocolate, Bryan Adams and TV shows filmed around police, airports and animal rescues.

Getting the train Saturday morning at 8am. Ouch. After a Friday night of drinking where I'll try my best to get to bed at a decent time. Double ouch.

The weekend will most probably be spent drinking, eating, sleeping, strolling, Arthur's seating, drinking, scurrying down alleyways that lead to who knows where, drinking, dancing, eating, you know whatting, one o'clock gunning, shopping, tacky souvenir shopping, open top bussing...

Taken on a previous trip... that is my real hair. Got a problem with that?

...And generally being smug about having Monday off of work. Life is good in Edinburgh.

That's right, if you check your calendars, April 2nd is the first day of the new calendar year and I've booked it off. Good start to 2012's holiday allowance!

Note to self - must not hit Three Sisters Bar as hard as you did last year with your two sisters...

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