Monday, 15 August 2011

I Love This Photo

This blog is like that saying about buses...I don't do one in a few days then two or maybe more come along at once. Routine bores me. Whatevs.
Anyway, just thought I'd post this photo as it was a happy afternoon spent at Kings Cross with my Mossmans after a training day in LDN. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be whilst waiting for a train than sat outside a pub with a glass of the old red stuff with cracking family peeps.

I often used to think of living in London, and I do like it in small doses, and when I meet up with people there; but sometimes when you're on your own and squashed in to a Japanese tourist's armpit on the tube and you think of the million squillion germs on your hands from holding on to the bars, I do rather like my commute to work with my lovely friend called Honor in her car called Quentin :) I've a soft spot for Yorkshire I'm afraid. My brother says he doesn't know who I am anymore, what with living oop North and marrying out of the Mossman name...

It's a fab city though is Old London Town.

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