Wednesday, 28 August 2013

5 boring (but essential) items to pack for your travels

When I start packing, these are the things I'm generally thinking:

"Ooh pretty dresses! Yay pretty holiday dresses!"

"Is 5 pairs of shoes too many for one week away?"

"Ooh soapbag! I LOVE packing my soapbag with all my toiletries!"

I don't tend to be thinking about exchange rates, airport transfers and other dull but necessary things.

All the essentials. Barney? Check. Whiskey? Check. Cat? Check.

I've done a few trips abroad in my time so far and I've forgotten so many practical things in my haste to pack sparkly flips flops (yes, really). These things can work out to be quite expensive abroad, so I'm hoping to save you (and me) some cash here.

Here are my five boring but essential items to pack for your travels:

1. Batteries
You can pick batteries up for very little money back here in the UK, so you might be forgiven for thinking it'd be the same abroad. But noooooo. Batteries can cost four times as much

2. Torch
I DON'T NEED A TORCH I'LL BE FINE. Cut to a few days into your trip, lights are out and you need a torch. Have you remembered your batteries? See above.

3. Spare charger
I can't even count how many phone chargers I've left plugged into walls around the walls. It is a massive pain in the arse when you realise you've forgotten it. If you're moving around a few different places and you have an iPhone, don't just bring a wall charger, bring a USB cord as a backup charger.

4. Matches/Lighter
You might not need to light many romantic candles on your trip, but you'd be surprised how many times you need a naked flame and a match or lighter is out of the question. Not this time! Ta daaaaa! Plus, they're odd conversation starters if someone needs a light :)

5. Hair grips
Ok perhaps not for guys here, but you won't realise how much you need hair grips until you don't have them. Pinning your hair back on a hot day, creating funky hairstyles on the road, plus they're quite handy for other uses (you know, getting stuff out of stuff) and they can be quite hard to track down in some countries I've found!

What are your boring but essential items to pack for your travels?

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